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Mission Failed by spiderweber

An excellent piece, the lighting and shadows are well done and give a real perspective of a great looking girl in a bad situation. The ...

Best Friends by snowking68

Well I have to admit that I have not heard of the second character, but that cannot detract froma very well drawn and detailed image, i...



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I struggle through the daily grind, deal with the pain in my life, its a hell of a bind.

Sick of feeling tired, sick of the sickness making me weak and feeling mired.

So when I come home from work, having spent all day with co-workers who spend the day acting the jerk,

I load the 'net, sit back and smile, Mark's videos make it all fade away for a while.

He makes me laugh, he makes me smile, his timing and humor make it all worthwhile.

Now he is in hospital suffering with pain,  

The poor guy is worrying about his fans missing vids and is feeling the strain.

Mark, worry not about the fans, look to yourself.

We are much more concerned about your health.

You care for your fans, your emotions are true,

But right now let your friends and fans support you.

Get well soon man,

This wish from a caring fan.
Wishing well (fan poem)
Wrote this as something to post to show to You Tuber Markiplier that I like all his fans wish him a swift and speedy recovery from hospital, I am a fairly recent subscriber of his on You Tube, about a month or so but I love his videos, he is so funny and so honest in his reactions to fan videos,  With my own health issues weighing on me more as I approach surgery myself, its always helpful after a long tiring day at work to log on and go through his videos.  Laughter is one of the best medicines around and he makes me laugh so much he is just go great:)

Sadly he is in the hospital due to intense pain and still out ut a video to reassure his fans he would be ok and that he feels bad that he will miss uploading to his channel.  I think all of us would prefer he gets better rather then worry about letting us down, we will still be here once he has recovered.
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: sexual themes, violence/gore and ideologically sensitive material)
The Bratt Pak member known as Dimples calmly loaded her favourite pistol before concealing it as she walked down an alleyway flanked by her sister, Sugar. Dimples and her sisters had travelled to Steel City on behalf of a charity that their family company Colesun Industries was supporting.  The previous evening had gone well with a lot of money being raised for an orphanage.

Now however, bored and looking for something to do she was stalking the rougher parts of the city looking for members of the criminal gang she had heard of called the Spider Clan.  Her sisters had also heard of this group and were nearby.  Sugar was dressed as ever for combat in a skimpy costume, choosing to go for cover of a cos-play convention that was in town, Sugar had dressed up as Juliet Starling, an athletic zombie hunter armed with a chainsaw.

Dimples was dressed in a black mini dress and leggings, steel toed boots and looked more like a character from the Fallout series of games.  While Books, the more cerebral sister was sat in their mobile HQ van dressed up as cat woman.  A bit of digging around at the convention had soon paid off and they had heard of a drugs deal and kidnapping operation being run across the city.  From what Sugar had been able to get out of some hormonal guy was that they disguised it as a costumed rave party sold drugs and abducted anyone girls over eighteen that could be pressed into the sex trade.

“You sure about this Books?”

“Yes Dimples, the informant was clear, the Clan have their operation going on in warehouse five”.

“Kay, we iz going in”.

Dimples walked up to the guarding thug, a tattooed brute in black leather and smiled.  “Hai, I iz Dimplez and we wanna party”.

Sugar smiled seductively as the thug looked them over and nodded then opened the door, at once the muted music got louder as they entered.  Books cursed a she adjusted the filters of their hidden microphones.  All around her sisters from their hidden cameras built into their outfits, Books could see stoned out and drunken behaviour.

“OK I can call the cops as soon as you find the evidence of the drug deal, the rave itself actually has a permit, wonder who they bribed to get tthat?”

Sugar grinned as she picked up two bottled waters from the bar and handed one to Dimples.  “Scanner shows it as clean to drink.  As for the permit, if they are as big as that guy thought they were, they probably have a few officials in their pockets”.

“Noted, so watch yourselves, not just for the gang and corrupt cops, but do not forget this city has a fair few heroines and heroes of its own that may turn up”.

“Hmm fine with me, always wanted to meet that Jade Eagle and her partner”.  Sugar grinned at the disgusted grunt from Books.  She nodded to Dimples and they moved to the dance floor and joined the party itself while keeping an eye on it.

In the van Books started as she heard the proximity alarm for the van go off, she grabbed her tranq pistol and made sure it was ready.  She watched the screen as a figure in Blue and black costume carrying a bow climbed up the fire escape at the side of the building.

“Heads up, there is someone climbing the building outside, and before you ask it is not the Jade Eagle!  It is some blonde in custom armour with a bow”.
Sugar and Dimples acknowledged that then slipped apart and tried different tactics to find out what was going on.  Sugar started playing up to a tough looking guy with a spider tattoo reasoning he was a gang member while Dimples danced around acting like a party girl.

As she was dancing Dimples caught sight of something moving up in the roof spaces she saw a slim figure creeping around.  “Lookz like your random heroine iz in here Books”.

Books grimaced to herself.  “Do not engage her, we have no idea who she is what she can do”.

Dimples nodded and then looked across to Sugar who was waving to her.  She wandered over and smiled at the thug that Sugar was draped over.  “Hai I iz Dimplez, I see you met my sister”.

The thug grinned and nodded.  “Yeah, she was just telling me how you want to score some party favours and are new in the city”.

Dimples nodded at that as Sugar cuddled up to him, he did not look glassy eyed so evidently right now she was not using her pheromones trickery on him.  “You know someone?”

“Yeah, come with me to the V.I.P area”.  He offered his spare arm to Dimples as they walked so he had both of them close as he walked them into the back area through a roller door.  As soon as they went through Books cursed as the picture went from the hidden cameras.  “Girls! I lost video, whistle or something if you can hear me!”

Realising that there was a jamming device active Books chewed her lip then shook her head and unpacked one of the spare guns and set off after her sisters.  “Damn these guys are more professional then I thought!”

She went the same way that she had seen the costumed girl go onto the roof, she ran quickly worried that as skilled as her sisters were they could have gotten into a bigger situation then they were used to.  

Dimples and Sugar were now sat on metal chairs with a table in front of them piled with various drugs.  “As you can see girls, we can supply just about anything that you could want or need to party, drugs wise; what did you want?”

Sugar grinned openly, hiding her disgust of the drug dealers as she catalogued the various threats in the room around her, sure that Dimples was doing the same.  “Lets be honest here, I do not use, We are looking for a supplier to help us move weight with my own very special drug that causes sensual intoxication, making women and men submissive”.

“Sounds interesting, but for that you will have to speak to my boss”.  The thug gestured to his men around the room.  “Only one way that is happening”.


“No one sees our boss without being restrained, safety first, for all we know you could be assassins or capes in disguise.”

Sugar stood up nodding to her sister.  “I guess no deal then, I have heard some things about your gang and if you think we are just going to let you tie us up you have another thing coming!”

Even as she spoke Sugar was glanding out her pheromones in order to dull the reactions of the thugs as she and Dimples prepared to fight.  However suddenly there was a bright flash of light that disorientated everyone as their eyes cleared Sugar and Dimples became aware of the figure in the blue and black costume She threw a set of glowing bolas that entangled the legs of one of the thugs and then kicked another to the ground, Dimples and Sugar joined in the fight and soon the air was full of flying thugs and groans of pain.

As Dimples and Sugar finished off one of the thugs they turned around to see the newcomer flip her bow over the back of someone’s head, pull it towards her and then release it, the frame of the bow slammed back into the gang members face and flipped into the air as he crumpled to the floor.  The figure caught the bow and then turned to face the two women.

“Think helping me absolves you of your crimes? I was in the rooftop listening to you trying to do a drugs deal!”  She aimed the bow at Sugar an unusual arrow with a glowing arrowhead knocked and ready.

“You Haz it wrong! We hunt scum like theze peepz!”  Dimples held her pistol as yet unfired in one hand but not aimed at the other woman.  “Who iz you anywayz?”

“You can call me Archeria”.  Archeria continued to aim the bow at them.  

“Hai Archeria! I iz Dimplez and this iz my sister Sugar”.  She then pointed her free hand behind you at something.  “Books iz behind you”.

“Like I am going to fall for that!”  The woman narrowed her eyes and continued to keep her bow aimed.

Sugar grinned and changed her pheromones as she looked at her.  When she spoke her voice was soft and melodic in tone.  “Oh our sister is behind you and armed with a Taser pistol, but she wont need it will she Archeria?”

“What do you m...mean?”  She shook her head as if to clear it, her eyes dilating slightly and her breathing getting heavier.  “Oooh...what...what are doing...?”

Sugar grinned and stepped forwards as she saw the bow wavering in Archerias' hand, gently pushing it out of the way as the woman began to shudder and flush.  Before she knew what was happening Archeria found her bolas pulled from her belt and used to bind her arms to her side as Dimples collected her bow and quiver.

“You got her?” Books looked across at her sisters and their captive.

“Yeah she's all nice and submissive now aren’t you my dear?”

“Yes Miss Sugar...ooohhh!”  Archeria wobbled as they led her outside where Books called 911 and called in about the drugs den.

“Well not exactly what we wanted but we hurt the drug deals in the city and we need to know how she energises these arrows”.

“I don't think she has powers, I think it is technical”.  Sugar smoothed the hair away from the face of the gently quivering vigilante's face as she lay on an air mattress in the back of the van where Sugar was binding her more securely.  “She is beautiful though and she's pretty much helpless from my pheromones”.
Dimples snorted “Maybe who cares? I want Pizza and Twinkiez!”

Books smiled at that as she drove the van expertly to their hideout in a rented house on the city limits.  As she dumped the gear in her temporary lab and Dimples put a pizza in the oven for herself,  Sugar carried the helpless weakly struggling heroine to her room and lay her gently on the bed.

Archeria stirred a little her head clearing slightly and she looked into the blond framed face of her captor.  She immediately started to writhe but slowed her struggles as Sugar gently stroked her hair.  “Relax Archeria, I am not going to harm you, none of us will”.

“I find that...hard to believe, you have me tied up after all”.  Archeria sighed as a cool hand caressed her cheek.  “What did you do to me?”

“I have a trick with seduction is all”.  Sugar giggled and gently kissed the heroine while playing with her hair.

“No...I have a boyfriend...I cannot do this...”

Sugar grinned and continued to stroke and caress the girls face.  “Is it an open relationship?”

“Yesss...oooh but I am straight...oooohh how...?”

Sugar chuckled and snuggled up to her captive.  “If you are responding like this then you are Bi-sexual or my tricks would not work this well I can always tell what someone likes".

Archeria let a sly grin form on her face as she stopped struggling at all.  “I have been curious about it but not sure about being tied up like this”.

Sugar grinned.  “Don't worry I will be gentle and as I said we are not going to harm you in the slightest.  That said we do want to know how to make arrows like yours”.

Archeria sighed softly as Sugar stepped up her pheromones once more the scent making Archeria putty in her hands.  “I...I cant tell you that...!”

Sugar grinned and smothered the helpless heroine with another kiss, her tongue exploring Archeria's mouth. As she broke off she grinned.  “We will get to that for now relax and just enjoy this, is this your first time with a woman?”

Archeria just nodded, her arousal evident by her flushed face.  Sugar grinned and gently untied the heroine and helped her remove her top then lay her back down in just her lacy bra and her lower costume pants before tying her gently but securely with silken ropes and straps that were surprisingly strong.

Archeria moaned softly and arched her back as Sugar gently massaged her shoulders as she lay on her side.  “Like that hmm?”

“Yessss ooohhh feel so good.”

Sugar grinned softly OK then so do you have a different name that you can tell me? Archeria is going to be a bit of a mouthful here”.

Archeria moaned softly, her mind a mush of erotic fantasy.  “ me Sasha”.  Her accent had slipped a little now and become very softly Irish.  Sugar grinned more but decided not to push it further as unmasking Sasha was not on her list of plans.  As Sugar pressed her lips to Sasha's lust overtook them both and they both surrendered to a burning passion building inside them.

A while later Sasha's mind cleared of a pink fog, her recent arousal a pleasant memory along with the time she had been alone with Sugar.  They lay together in a close embrace and she smiled softly at Sugar.  “Wow!”

Sugar grinned herself.  “Hey you were pretty good too you know.  Was that your first time?”

“Well first time with a woman yes”.  Sasha smiled almost shyly and playfully toyed with one of the restraints as they looked at each other.

“That said, you did kinda kidnap me”.  Sasha chuckled.

Sugar let her eyes drift over Sasha's cleavage and cheeky smile then looked at the soft restraint.  “You want some payback? That's fair, its not like you can leave the room never mind the building right now”.

Sugar reached up and slipped her hand inside the restraint with a grin.  “First time for me to be tied up in bed I guess!”  She sighed with pleasure and arousal as she was gently restrained hand and foot by Sasha.  As Sasha began by gently massaging Sugar's shoulders she whispered to her.  “So what happens when we are done here?”

“We, mmm... we will let you go unharmed, we never harm anyone unless they are a direct threat to us or they are doing something really nasty like drug deals”.  Sugar groaned deeper now as Sasha's right hand cradled her breasts.  Then Sasha leaned in and smothered Sugar's moans with her own mouth as their passions boiled once more.

Much later on the two girls wandered into the kitchen area fully clothed and sat down at the counter,  Sasha's mask was hanging from her belt and she had consented to being handcuffed while she remained with them.

Books smiled at her as she turned to look at where she could here sounds of thumping.  “That is just Dee working out”.  She smiled softly.  “I examined your gear and I do recognise the element used in charging your arrows, quite ingenious, I take it you yourself have no powers?”
Sasha shook her head and then rested it on Sugars shoulder as she sipped some milk through a straw.  “No other then a burning desire to hurt drug pushers and slavers, my dad was a slaver amongst other things”.

Books nodded sagely.  “That is where it came from then, your drive and passion.  I think we can do without the restraints now to be honest.  I would like to be allies with you Archeria”.

“As long as it has nothing to do with getting you hands on that ore, we only sell it now for power experiments and monitor it carefully”.

Books chuckled at that as Sugar undid the cuffs and then went to spar with her sister.  “No nothing like that, we know who you are now, or at least I do, so expect to see a nice donation to your homeless shelters charity soon, you do good work there, Miss O'Hara, oh and don't worry, I am not going to tell on you”.  She grinned once again.  After all you have seen all of our faces so I am sure you can put it together.”

Sasha stood up and extended a hand.  “Call me Sasha”.  She then surprised Books by embracing her and kissing her deeply leaving that member of the Pak looking surprised and flushed.  Sasha grinned self consciously,  “Sorry I guess Sugar had a bit of an effect on me!”  She grinned impishly and seeing no refusal from the stunned Books, Kissed her again softly.

On breaking of the kiss she said “I think friends with you girls could be fun.  Books just stood there flummoxed and bright red as Sugar walked back in with Dee and they burst out laughing.
An interesting night
My entry to :icondevduck01:s artjam this year with the theme of surprise, struggled abit with this one but hopefully ppl will  enjoy it Acheria is my OC as are the spider clan members who got a butt kicking in this story the bratts themselves belong to dev and are used with permission
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: sexual themes, violence/gore, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
The young kidnapping victim glared at her captors as she struggled on the floor of the wooden cabin.  She was securely bound in duct tape and cable ties and her mouth had been sealed with a wadded up rag covered with tape.  The thugs had snatched her on her way to work as an intern for Steel City's Channel 6 News and had in her role as a researcher put the crime team onto a story about organised crime in the city involving and apparent gang of thugs that had ninjitsu training.

Sasha had laughed with her pleased bosses at the time as she had compared this to the plot of the old kids movie featuring ninja mutants.  Her supervisor had been so pleased he had told her she would be hired for certain at the end of the month when her probationary term as an intern ran out.  She had then gone for drinks in the eveing after work with the crime teams researchers then as it had gone late headed home a little drunk.

Sasha upon entering her apartment had been set on by a group of masked men who had quickly overpowered and bound the young woman and carried her into the van outside.  Now she sat, angry and afraid as she tried to clear her head and get free of the strict bindings.

One of the thugs was talking softly in another language on a smart phone then hung up.  “Boss wants her taken to the building site in the industrial sector”.  He grinned at the struggling girl.  “You get to be bait to capture some capes tonight you nosy little bitch, then its a dirt nap for you!”

As the van crunched over the broken surface of the alley Sasha's slowly clearing mind worked on solutions for her freedom.  The van was moving quickly, at this time of night there was not many people around and the kidnappers seemed to know the police patrol routes well enough to avoid them.  However unknown to Sasha and her captors, help was already nearby.

Nocturne the beautiful and enigmatic heroine was tailing the bike on her visit to Steel City.  She had been cruising around on the powerful motorcycle when she had seem a struggling bundle thrown into a van.  She had hoped to surprise a certain heroine friend of hers who lived in Steel City but had now found herself tailing discreetly this beat up old van.

As the van pulled into a construction site, Nocturne pulled up and hid the bike in an alley then keeping to shadows, crept into the building site.  The young victim was now chained to an upright girder in a section of the site due evidently to have its foundations done, the young victim was visibly shaking with fear her, short black hair blowing a little from the breeze and her smart black skirt and suit stained with mud and dirt from the van and the site.  Nocturne paused as she scanned the site using her visor.

“Hmm...  Not seen this gang before, all these Spider tattoos and badges... a fair few of them too.”

Nocturne started to edge around the edge of the site sticking to the shadows as she further evaluated the threat level.  The girl was trapped in the pit that was well lit with construction lamps, all of the thugs were armed with automatic shotguns that had combat lights attached to them and some of the thugs were also equipped with night vision gear as they headed for higher ground.

She looked up at a curse from one of the thugs.  “Well we won; t be getting our hands on Jade or Sapphire tonight, they just raided one of our drug labs on the city limits, maybe one of the other capes will show up instead”.

Nocturne frowned at that, if the heroines of the city were mostly occupied then these crooks may just kill the hostage or maybe even keep her as a slave.  She decided that she had to risk making a move.  The first thing she did was to sneak around and pole-axe the thug guarding the generator and cut the power to the site, not wanting to cause undue civic damage, she merely shut it down and then pulled the power cord out and whipped it into the distance.  She melted back into the shadows and started to hunt the remaining thugs as they cursed in the darkness, combat lights turned on, which only helped her identify the thugs.  Soon Nocturne was amongst them and cries of pain mixed with thumps echoed around the site as the thugs found themselves attacked by a swift and skilled foe.

Nocturne back-flipped off the prone body of one of the men as she heard a loud gunshot and a divot of sand was blown out of the ground next to her.  She span around and her visor picked out the thugs with the night vision gear, they had evidently waited for a clear shot and that blast had been close.  She thanked the stars that these thugs were carrying shotguns, if they had assault rifles, she may have actually been hit.

Knowing she was now spotted she relied on her agility and speed as she charged at the thugs, as she jumped from cover to cover and then up some piles of building supplies she thought she saw someone stood to one side but the glimpse was so swift she was not sure.  She slammed into the thug knock him down and then turned around to face his partner only to see he had vanished.

“What is going on?”

“You are skilled whoever you are, but you are not skilled enough I think to take on a Spider Shinobi!”

The remaining thug reappeared only now with no gun but instead armed with a pair of unusual looking gauntlets that glowed dully on the edges.  He had dropped the body armour to reveal a standard looking martial arts costume and it was packed with hard muscle.  His cold red glowing eyes watching intently through the slit on his mask.

“Before we begin, though, maybe your partner would like to identify herself?”

The black clad heroine looked around her, her face showing confusion as she saw the running figure a gorgeous young woman in an orange and yellow costume that clung to her body and exposed her midriff the masked woman ran over and took up a combat pose.

“Uhm...” Nocturne turned back to the Ninja.  “She's not with me”.

The blonde girl nodded at that.  “My name is not important right now, what is important is that you let that girl go, or face my powers!”  She seemed very confident of herself but Nocturne was convinced this newcomer was not experienced.

The ninja laughed and threw a casual punch at the new girl only for her to dodge back quickly and then she whipped her arm up and the sandy floor reared up in the shape of a fist and slammed into the ninja flipping him back and away with a thud.

She grinned at Nocturne.  “He had it coming!  You can deal? Cos if so I will untie the girl, I have some ability with removing restraints”.

Nocturne nodded and faced off with the Ninja as he came back on the attack and the other heroine ran over to the pit and dropped in lightly before running over to the struggling girl.  “Keep still kiddo, I gotta cut some of this off you, don't want to cut you in the process”.

Sasha nodded and stood as still as she could as the heroine started to cut her free.

Back in the main building site, Nocturne was finding that this ninja, whoever he was was as skilled as her if not more so, she was finding him a tough opponent as they traded blows and counters at a phenomenal rate.  Sasha looked up as the blonde costumed woman helping her as the gag fell away.

“Who are you?”

The blonde chuckled behind her mask.  “Name of Quicksand – don't ask, as for the other one don't know her, I am new here, trying to decide how to use my powers”.   Quicksand kept working at the restraints with a small knife she had made out of the sand and at last the young intern was cut free.  Quicksand helped her out of the hole then pointed at the gateway.  “Get out of here before any more of these morons turn up, call the cops and get somewhere safe!”

Sasha nodded and ran for the exit as Quicksand headed back towards the fight.  Nocturne appeared to be winning gradually as she neared the fight, but she did not know if it would be good to intervene.

Suddenly there was a loud popping sound and Nocturne stumbled back coughing as the ninja slammed a small device to the ground.  Quicksand ran over and sent a wave of sand towards the ninja to buy some time and tried to help the other woman up only to start feeling weak and dizzy.  

“G...get C...c...clear...gas...”  Nocturne was covering her face and trying to crawl to safety but slumped to the floor,  Quicksand grunted as she tried to pick her up but then collapsed herself as the world turned black.

When she woke up Quicksand found herself hanging upside down from a metal frame, her hands bound behind her back with ropes her arms also bound in place at her waist and around her chest in a harness binding. Her ankles were also bound and then attached to a chain hanging from the frame.  She shook her head to clear her mind then realised that her two piece mask was on a table across from her as was her utility belt. Her mind raced as she realised that she could be identified now.

Across the room Nocturne was bound to a chair with even more ropes, struggling violently though evidently their captor had not managed to remove her visor mask.  Nocturnes gadgets were laid on the table next to Quicksands gear however.  Quicksand sighed as she took in the sight before here, the curvy form struggling in the chair was bound at the ankles which were then handcuffed to a metal bracket under the chair legs, her thighs and calves were tightly bound and her wrists were shackled to each armrest of the chair.

Neither of them however was gagged.  Nocturne looked up from her struggles with a grunt.  “Oh you are with us once more, how you feeling?”

“Would be happier if I was not upside down and unmasked but I will live, Name is Quicksand, not had my powers all that long”.

“Nocturne, I am not from around here”.

Quicksand nodded and then turned her attention back to the bindings, in her real life she had a second identity to cover the fact she often shot bondage videos, and she specialised in the escape struggle kind.  She knew she was tightly bound but that with time she could break free,  She was already working on loosening the ropes.

“Interesting powers you have, that Sand fist thing was pretty spectacular”.

“I guess so, I uh... Well I obtain things for others at a price, but when I saw the fight I thought I should help”.  She wiggled a little and then with a slight cry of pain fell to the floor as the ropes attacked to the chain gave way and dropped her to the floor.  “I was escaping from an illegal installation in Mexico when a weird sandstorm kicked up as they fired some sort of energy pulse at me, ever since then I have been able to manipulate sand, dirt and water for example”.

Nocturne nodded as she too continued struggling.  “I got sick of seeing crooks get away with crimes and started to deal with it my way, so I guess in some ways we are enemies”.

Quicksand chuckled as she rolled over on the floor and managed to face Nocturne.  “If I am honest, I do what I do for the hell of it and the sheer fun of it, I have no real aims in life”.  She rolled further and eventually managed to roll across the dimly lit room to the chair where Nocturne was fighting her restraints.  “I would say right now however we have bigger things to worry about”.

Nocturne nodded and then she felt a tug at her right hand, Quicksand was kneeling as best she could and was tugging at the knot with her teeth.  A few minutes of that and Nocturne had one hand free and could start freeing herself but first she picked the knots around the waist bindings holding Quicksands arms to her body.

Once that was accomplished both girls focused exclusively on getting free of their ropes and were soon getting free although Quicksand was there first, by a few seconds.  They quickly geared up and then froze as they heard footsteps and voices approaching.

“You are sure we have not encountered these capes before?”

“Yes master Silver blood, in fact only one of them showed any signs of real powers the other may have beaten me in the fight if I had not used the sleep gas”.

“I see”.  The door lock clanked as it was operated and the heavy wooden door swung inwards and a yellow boot came the other way catching the man in the chest.  Silver blood slipped back as Quicksand jumped out over him and ran with Nocturne behind her throwing a pair of smoke pellets down from her retrieved kit that filled the corridor with choking black smoke.

As they ran down a corridor Quicksand paused and then entered a room full of computer equipment.  “Quicksand, we have to move!”  Nocturne hissed as she crouched by the door.

“Just a second, yes got it!”  Quicksand pulled a memory stick out of the computer and gabbed some optical disks, they were running a search on my face, I just erased the data, this other stuff may have some leverage I can use to protect myself from them later”.

Nocturne shook her head but they ran on and soon were outside and blinking in the rain and early morning sunlight.  “Hey that's my bike!”  Nocturne looked up and down the street.  They must have found it and stolen it!”

She jumped on and started it then turned to her ally.  “Get on quick!”

As the bike sped away Nocturne sighed.  “We need somewhere safe and quick, capes are common in Steel City but not so much in daytime, we do not need to be followed”.

Quicksand leaned closer and gave her an address.  “One of my bolt holes, its basic but will do”.

Nocturne nodded and they soon arrived at an old looking lock-up on the city limits.  Quicksand tapped a button on her costume and the metal gate rolled up and they were able to ride in straight of the street.

Once inside, Nocturne whistled  “Bolt hole?”

She looked around her at a modern well equipped set of rooms, almost like an apartment. Kitchen and living area was all one room split by a breakfast bar and a futon bed could be seen through a doorway, a bathroom off to the other side.

Quicksand grinned as she pulled her mask off  “No pointing hiding my face now, you already saw it in that prison.”  She poured a glass of water for them both and leaned on a wall.  “As for the bolt hole, I have a good income, If I have to hide out somewhere, it may as well be secure and comfortable.  I have a few places throughout Steel City and Queen City.”

Nocturne nodded.  “SO what do we do now?”

Quicksand nodded well for starters, I guess we need to decide whether you are going to turn me in, after all I did kinda admit to a few crimes”.

Nocturne shook her head and smiled  “You helped me out and to escape we are even for now”.

Quicksand nodded and smiled softly, a mischievous glint to her eyes, well while we are in here you can call me Mandy, it's not my real name, but the one I use in one of my legal occupations”.

Nocturne smiled.  “Oh?”

Mandy nodded “I kinda am a fetish and bondage model when I go by Mandy.  Don't want my folks finding out”.

Nocturne nodded and smiled.  “That explains how you were so calm in the prison and your knowledge of how to escape”.

“Well we cannot go anywhere for a while, need to lay low, but we are safe here, its sound proofed and we can just chill out”.  Mandy grinned, or we could do something practical with our time”.

“Like what?”  Nocturne was suddenly caught off guard as Mandy wrapped her arms around her and pulled her down to the sofa.  

“I could teach you a few escape tricks”.  She grinned and nuzzled Nocturne on her neck gently as she held the stronger womans' hands behind her back.   “Maybe have a little bit of fun?”  

Nocturne grinned back as she gently returned the kiss then quickly overpowered Mandy and held her down on the couch, straddling her.  “Oh you will teach me, but it is YOU that is getting tied up!”

Mandy burst out laughing and nodded, her voice husky,  Box of rope and toys under the bed”  Nocturne nodded and brought it back to find Mandy sat on the edge of the sofa waiting with her hands behind her back.

“OK for lesson one, hog tie me, and I will show you how I can escape it, if I do not get free in say thirty minutes, you get to tie me another way, but if I get free, then you get bound and gagged next”.

­“Sounds fair to me”.  ­Nocturne began the process of tying up her new friend wondering on just how this weekend was going to wind up...

Silver-blood sat looking at the blank computer screen and sighed with frustration “We got outwitted by a pair of girls again!  Get the word out to find this “Quicksand” woman, I think a mental flaying will have her talents on our side easy enough!”
Bound to be friends, Nocturne meets Quicksand
My entry to :iconbethanyhunter:s contest.  the characters mentioned are all mine and should not be used without permission except for Nocturne herself who is used in keeping with the rules of the contest and with permission, Nocturne belongs to :iconbethanyhunter:

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My artjam is running link here  2015 artjam is now live!Ok with the most votes is that ppl apparently want to do an art jam based around Jade and Hizuka's wedding, (not a massive surprise tbh lol).
Ok so here is how this is gonna work, more or less same as last years artjam.
1) It starts on 1st March and is going to run until the end of June (so plenty of time to come up with something).
2) For the duration of the artjam all of my OC in the Jade stories are fair use  - no need to ask me; but with the usual rules IE do not break the TOS do not kill them or cripple them or remove their powers apart from say temporary blocking of powers).  And no matter what NO RAPE or underage stuff!
3) If you wish to use someone elses characters in the artjam besides mine and your own, make sure you have permission.
4) Note me or link me the story/picture/poem/whatever when posted and I will add it to an art jam collections folder.
5) at the end of the artjam I will post a journal about it with links to each devaition.
6) The theme is a wedd
 I may have gotten to say that besides the two prozes of a story for the best pic and one for the best story, there will also be a journal feature of all partipants:)

:iconbethanyhunter: is running a feature where you can ask her OC's questions and she will answer as them for you to get to know them better and she suggested others do it it too so this is your chance again to ask any of my OC's a question and for them to answer.

This will help me fill in time as the heist update to GTA has not exactly gone smooth with them seriously underestimating how many ppl want to play them lol

A few thingummies...

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 11, 2015, 7:57 AM
  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: Laptop's cooling fan
  • Reading: Horus Heresy novels
  • Watching: Nothing atm
  • Playing: Space Marine and AC Black FLag
  • Eating: The souls of my enemies!
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My artjam is running link here  2015 artjam is now live!Ok with the most votes is that ppl apparently want to do an art jam based around Jade and Hizuka's wedding, (not a massive surprise tbh lol).
Ok so here is how this is gonna work, more or less same as last years artjam.
1) It starts on 1st March and is going to run until the end of June (so plenty of time to come up with something).
2) For the duration of the artjam all of my OC in the Jade stories are fair use  - no need to ask me; but with the usual rules IE do not break the TOS do not kill them or cripple them or remove their powers apart from say temporary blocking of powers).  And no matter what NO RAPE or underage stuff!
3) If you wish to use someone elses characters in the artjam besides mine and your own, make sure you have permission.
4) Note me or link me the story/picture/poem/whatever when posted and I will add it to an art jam collections folder.
5) at the end of the artjam I will post a journal about it with links to each devaition.
6) The theme is a wedd
 I may have gotten to say that besides the two prozes of a story for the best pic and one for the best story, there will also be a journal feature of all partipants:)

:iconbethanyhunter: is running a feature where you can ask her OC's questions and she will answer as them for you to get to know them better and she suggested others do it it too so this is your chance again to ask any of my OC's a question and for them to answer.

This will help me fill in time as the heist update to GTA has not exactly gone smooth with them seriously underestimating how many ppl want to play them lol


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